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Tumi Bracelet in Green

Tumi Bracelet in Green

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/tumi/ means ‘power’ in twi

The Tumi Bracelet was created to showcase Ghanaian heritage through a piece. Featuring a mix of unique recycled glass beads, this bracelet comes with a symbol medal that can be chosen by you, making this bracelet a truly personal piece and a daily reminder through your life adventures.

/maame/ it’s a tribute to all women.
/nyame dua/ represents God's presence and protection.
/duafe/ it’s a symbol of beauty and femininity, as well as love and care.
/nkyinkyim/ translated to ‘twisted’, relates to the journey of life in which resilience and versatility is needed.
/odo/ means self-love/aya/ means a symbol of endurance, resourcefulness, and defiance against oppression.
/dweninmme/ means talks about the strength (in mind, body, and soul), humility, wisdom, and learning.


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