Craftmerce is dedicated to enabling African handmade brands to expand their presence on a global scale.

Our Vision

To help African brands access global markets and international retailers access sustainably made African products conveniently and reliably. 

At Craftmerce 


Our Mission



We created Craftmerce  because we believe African makers and brands deserve a chance to sell their products in the global market. 

We are committed to work with brands that are socially and environmentally responsible. 


Whether you’re an African maker looking to export your products, or a retailer/ independent boutique owner searching for the perfect set of African made products to stock your store with, our curated wholesale marketplace with African made products has everything you need.


With Craftmerce, it’s truly never been easier to buy and sell wholesale. It’s time to find success doing what you love! We’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

We believe Africa is the future!

Our brands  not only meet our criteria for ethical sourcing and manufacturing, but they go above and beyond to provide skills training and employment opportunities for their workforce and artisans as well as engaging in philanthropic and social impact projects locally in Africa. 



Craftmerce  is a place to explore African brands which draw on centuries of traditions and techniques to thoughtfully produce quality products and work with cutting edge artists and innovators.



Curated marketplace for unique African handmade products.


African Countries





3000+ Brands

13 African Countries

Over 30,000 products. 



Meet Our Super Team

Together, we’ve built a business that not only supports our design habit but lets us have our hands on the whole process, from product development through the customer experience. It’s how we design pieces that are in it for the long haul.

Cynthia Asije 

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Odiavbara 

Chief Technology Officer