Craftmerce: A community of skilled artisans and conscious consumers working towards a sustainable future. We focus on developing a sustainable supply chain through maker readiness and capacity building. Our approach is progressive and transparent. Here's how:

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Sustainable Stewardship

We believe that sustainability is about preserving and nurturing our natural and social resources for the benefit of all. Our platform connects buyers with makers who exemplify stewardship and responsibility.

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Community-Driven Impact. 

We foster a community of conscious buyers, makers, consumers, and partners who share a commitment to sustainable business practices that restore and renew.

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Technology for Social Impact

We use technology to empower makers and unlock their potential to create positive change. Sustainability is about agency, and we believe that technology can give makers the tools they need to thrive.

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People and Planet

We recognize that social and environmental sustainability are interconnected. Through our work with makers, we seek to strengthen our connections to one another and to the natural world.

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Craftmerce: A Commitment to a New Economics

We are committed to a new economic model that promotes open and transparent sourcing, creating fair value for all.

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Preserving and Promoting Cultural Heritage

We provide a platform to preserve and promote authentic cultural heritage, identity, and innovation. We collaborate with buyers, makers, and partners who share the values of fairness, justice, and equity.

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Open Access and Fair Trade

Our open access model generates network effects that add value and restore balance to the global trade system. Ethical and sustainable trade can only occur between equals.

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Putting People at the Heart of Our Mission

We place people at the center of everything we do, from using technology to solve complex problems that enable our community to create and share inspired products to showcasing the stories behind those products.

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Radical Democracy in Access

We advocate for radical democracy in access to finance, digital technology, and pathways to global markets that drive sustainable economic, social, and environmental impact.

Africa Market Access

Transparency in Action

We stand for meaningful and effective transparency across all aspects of our operations, from sourcing practices to product information and pricing. Transparency is the foundation of fairness.

African Value Creation

Stewards of Sustainable Value Creation

We are stewards, working towards a sustainable future through our innovative value chain approach. We care for the people, biodiversity, and natural resources that make up our global community.


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Empowering Value Chain Actors

We recognize and respect the agency, voice, and creativity of the value chain actors we work with. Our platform projects and curates these attributes, contributing to the indivisible human rights we all strive for.

Areas of Focus and Goals

Sustainability standards for small batch producers are often lacking. Traditional certification bodies are designed for mass production factories and are not applicable or accessible to small businesses. We are committed to working with responsible makers and partners to develop and implement sustainable standards that are appropriate for small producers. Our goal is to assess 70% of makers on our platform in 2024, work with them to mature across our three key pillars of sustainability, social, environmental, and governance, and report back the results for continual improvement.

Maker Readiness Assessment

Our due diligence process is designed to assess and progress the readiness of our makers across a maturity scale. We are committed to supporting our makers' growth and providing buyers with the insights they need to make informed purchasing decisions.