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Multi-Color Mini Basket Bag

Multi-Color Mini Basket Bag

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Made from local sisal our mini-basket bag is hand dyed and produced with a women’s co-operative in Rwanda. The open basket comes with a zip pouch that is hand-embroidered by women in Rwanda and it is attached to the bag with a leather strap. The handle is also leather and hand braided for a lovely feel. Attaching it all together is our signature cow horn label.
Yes, that’s a lot of people working on one bag. It can take us over 60 hours to put one piece together. Each piece is slightly different in color but that makes choosing so very difficult. Colors on this bag range from red, green, natural and pink. The leather is a straw brown.
It’s not just about the Pretty! Each piece is made with love and even a little soul.
Size 30cm w x 19 cm x 5 cm d
Made in Rwanda.

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