Maker / Buyer FAQ

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How can I join the Craftmerce Marketplace as a maker?

Please register through our brand portal and submit your completed application for the Craftmerce Marketplace. A Craftmerce team member will review your application and reach out with any additional questions or information. Please note that Craftmerce is only able to accept a limited number of makers at any given time. To learn more about selling on the Craftmerce marketplace here.

Can I contact my buyer about an order?

No, at this time, we ask makers not to contact any buyer directly. All communications, coordination, invoicing and payments are managed through the Craftmerce platform and by our inhouse Sales Support team. Any questions about an order you’ve received should be directed to our Sales Support team at

What happens after I apply for the Craftmerce marketplace?

Upon successful completion of our due diligence and team approval, you can create your Craftmerce Marketplace profile and add your products.

What is involved in the due diligence process for brands?

In our due diligence process, we will ask you a series of questions to understand the following areas of your business:

  • The structure of your business and existing sales channels
  • General information about the company, business location, and production location(s)
  • History of your business operations, your experience with exporting and production capacity
  • Details about the products you sell, production methods, and your ability to customize product
  • Details your social and sustainability initiatives to help us understand the impact that you’re making with your artisans and the communities in which you work

What does it take to get onboarded to the Craftmerce marketplace?

We try to make the process as easy as possible. Once you have completed the due diligence process and been accepted to the Craftmerce marketplace, the following steps are required in order to be fully onboarded:

  • Make payments to access the platform( payment link would be sent to you via email)
  • Complete your Craftmerce Profile; this acts as your storefront on the Craftmerce marketplace.
  • Upload your full product collection, including high-quality product images, descriptions, pricing (both wholesale and suggested retail pricing), and any additional information regarding your products.
    • Be sure to select high-quality images and complete product descriptions to help sell your products.
    • If you require support from our team to upload product data, we will need you to share the details for your full catalog along with image files. If you have a Shopify website, you can download a CSV file with the image URLs from the backend system.
  • Submit all your products by clicking ‘Sell on Craftmerce’ on the Craftmerce Portal.
  • Our team will review and approve your product listings and publish your brand page. We may curate your product collection, meaning we may feature some of your products while excluding others.

Through your brand portal, you can continue to edit and submit new products and variants at any time for review. The time it takes to onboard depends on the quality of your digital assets and product content.

How does Craftmerce promote my business?

We have a multifaceted approach to connecting you to international buyers, here are some of the ways we do this:

  • We’ve built a network of over 50,000 existing North American and European buyers. Our in-house sales representatives are communicating with our buyer network daily.
  • We run marketing and public relations campaigns for our makers across social media and industry publications.
  • We’ve built strategic partnerships with retailers, other large platforms, trade shows, and relevant networks to provide the broadest exposure possible for our makers

What is Craftmerce commission structure?

Brands pay a yearly fee to access the benefits of the Craftmerce platform (Access to top trade shows in the EU and North America, access to over 50,000 retailer network)

Brands pay a 15% commission for new businesses that discover them through our marketplace.


How do I set product pricing on the site?

You set your wholesale prices and manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) through our portal and can dictate wholesale price breaks by volume. We take a commission on the wholesale price that the retailer pays. If you need support setting pricing, please contact our team.

Craftmerce standard international trade terms are Free on Board meaning you, as a brand, are responsible for all costs associated with the shipment prior to it being loaded onto the shipping vessel. We expect that when setting your product pricing, you are taking these costs into account.

What is included in Craftmerce Fee?

Craftmerce fee helps to cover the following services provided by our platform:

  • Marketing and Sales Promotion: We invest resources in promoting your brand and goods to attract the highest quality buyers to our site.
  • Buyer Vetting: We verify that buyers have the proper registrations to qualify for wholesale purchasing.
  • Payment Guarantee: We do not hold our makers responsible for a buyer’s defaulted payments and guarantee payout on orders where there are no quality or delivery issues.
  • Buyer Customer Service: We take care of buyer inquiries and any issues that arise so that you can focus your time on delivering the highest quality goods possible.
  • Sustainability Due Diligence Program: We invest in your growth by providing assessments, training, and development to mature your sustainability readiness.
  • Payments and Logistics Support: International commerce can be challenging, but we have developed tools and processes to support the movement of money and goods across borders easily.

What can I sell on Craftmerce?

The Craftmerce marketplace is meant to serve buyers while sourcing across a wide range of product categories. Our core product categories today include Decor (tableware, vases, wall accents, etc.), Style (clothing, accessories, etc.), Apothecary (candles, soaps, skincare, etc.) and Living (lighting, rugs, textiles, furniture, etc.). We are always looking to expand and add additional categories, and we encourage you to submit your application for review.

Does Craftmerce require exclusivity or am I free to sell through other channels and platforms?

Craftmerce does not require exclusivity to sell on our marketplace, Makers are free to continue selling across any additional sales channels that they wish to.

Can I use Craftmerce if I already have sales reps?

Absolutely! We work seamlessly alongside your team, and we offer 0% commission on any orders placed by buyers who you have added to your existing buyer list.

How can I invite other Makers in my community to join Craftmerce?

We are always excited to meet new Makers who are interested in joining Craftmerce! They can register on our brand portal and submit their application for Craftmerce there. A Craftmerce team member will review their application and reach out with any additional questions or information.

Will you list all of my products on the marketplace?

Craftmerce will list your entire catalog, provided that each piece complies with our Maker Values Guidelines and our Product Quality Standards. We require all makers on our platform to list full catalogs and update them in a timely manner when existing SKUs are discontinued and new SKUs are added.

How do product customization requests work?

We believe that makers like you are in a unique position to meet the current needs of retail. unique product development and lower minimum order quantities (MOQ)

Retailers are encouraged to customize and buy exclusive colors, patterns, sizes/shapes, and packaging or labels for their shop. When uploading your products, we ask that you list all possible variants and indicate if a product is available for customized production. If a buyer is interested in an exclusive alternative, we will contact you immediately to confirm the custom variant or packaging request.

My production times have changed, how do I let buyers know this?

The lead time displayed on your collection page can be updated within your Maker Profile settings within Craftmerce Portal. You can also update lead times for individual products by navigating to the Products page within Maker Portal and editing the lead time field for individual products.

How will I be notified about new orders?

You will receive an email notification with order details when an order has been placed on the Craftmerce marketplace. You can view additional order details and confirm new orders by logging into Craftmerce portal and selecting the ‘Orders’ tab.

I have a question about an order I received, who can I speak to?

If you can’t find the answer to your question within our FAQ section, you can always reach out to our Sales Support team at

Where can I find information about the buyer for a specific order?

Buyer details are shown on orders within Maker Portal and are also shared in the email notification you receive once an order has been placed. If you need any additional details about a buyer related to an order you’ve received, please contact our Sales Support team at

The shipping quote for my order is quite high, is there a maximum shipping value that Craftmerce will reimburse? Should I still ship the order?

Shipping goods internationally can be quite expensive and we are working hard to develop shipping solutions to reduce these costs for our buyers. If you are shipping an order using your carrier of choice, Craftmerce will reimburse you for the full amount of shipping costs. Craftmerce expects Makers to select shipping options that are reasonably priced compared to similar alternatives.

If you’ve received a shipping quote from your shipper of choice that you feel is too high, you can reach out to us at and we can source alternative quotes from our shipping network.

I received an order but I can only partially fulfil it, what should I do?

If you are only able to partially fulfil an order you can reach out to our Sales Support team at and let us know what products and quantities you can fulfil and your expected shipping date. Our Sales Support team will adjust the order and notify the buyer of any changes.

Do not produce an order if you cannot fulfil it in full. The reason we ask our makers to confirm quantities in each order before producing is that our buyers often purchase in sets and if they are not able to receive a full order they may choose to cancel the order.

I received an order for an item that is currently out of stock, what should I do?

If certain items are currently out of stock, we can work with the buyer to decide the best path forward. Our buyers understand that handmade goods take care and time to produce. As a result, most buyers are happy to wait for goods to be shipped within 1-2 months of order placement.

Please reach out to to let us know when you expect to be able to ship out your order. We will then work with the buyer to decide whether or not they can wait for the goods to be produced or if the order should be canceled.

I am unable to fulfil an order by the expected shipping date I had initially provided, what should I do?

You can update the expected shipping date for products directly in the maker portal by navigating to the order and pressing the “Adjust Shipping Date” button. You will be prompted to enter an updated expected shipping date along with a reason for the adjustment.

One of my existing buyers placed an order with my business through Craftmerce but I’m still being charged for commission, what should I do?

In order to qualify for commission-free sales on the Craftmerce marketplace, makers should share their buyer’s contact details with Craftmerce prior to a sale being placed. Please send an email to and we will support you with this.

I can’t ship the entire order now, can I do split shipments?

Craftmerce does not support split or multiple shipments unless they are approved by our Sales Support team in advance of shipping. We find that splitting shipments often increases the overall cost of the shipment and provides a less-than-ideal buyer experience. In the event that you have certain items in a single order with longer lead times, we ask that you wait for the production of all goods to be complete before shipping the order.

If the production timeline for the order is longer than the lead times you have shared on the marketplace, reach out to us at Note that if Craftmerce approves split shipments, payouts will be made based on the final shipment date and therefore may be delayed.

Does Craftmerce reimburse for the cost of packaging?

Craftmerce will not reimburse you for the cost of packaging. All prices should be inclusive of packaging and any other costs associated with preparing the goods for shipment. Craftmerce standard international trade terms are ‘Free on Board’ meaning you as a maker are responsible for all costs associated with the shipment prior to it being loaded onto the shipping vessel. This includes all packaging and palletizing if required.

Does Craftmerce reimburse for the cost of fumigation or other local pre-shipment export requirements?

Craftmerce will not reimburse you for the cost of fumigation or any other local pre-shipment fees. All prices should be inclusive of all costs associated with preparing the goods for shipment. Craftmerce standard international trade terms are Free on Board meaning you as a maker, are responsible for all costs associated with the shipment prior to it being loaded onto the shipping vessel. This includes, but is not limited to things like fumigation, consolidation, storage fees, pre-shipment inspection fees, and notarization fees.

How will I get paid?

You will receive payment for confirmed orders directly into the bank account that you have saved on file on the Craftmerce marketplace. At this time we are only able to make payments directly to bank accounts and cannot accommodate payments via cash, cheque, or any alternative payment methods.

What currency do you make payouts in?

All payouts are made in USD or EUR but may be converted to your local currency by your bank if you do not have a USD or EUR -denominated bank account.

Do I need to have a USD-denominated account in order to receive payouts from Craftmerce??

No, Craftmerce is able to make payouts into accounts denominated in any global government-issued currency. However, because all payouts are made in USD, if your account is denominated by a different currency, your bank will convert from USD to your account currency at their daily rate. Craftmerce is not able to control the exchange rates provided by your bank and as a result, there may be minor differences in the dollar amount expected versus what is actually deposited into your account.

To minimize foreign exchange fees and additional bank charges, we recommend that makers receive funds into accounts with a US-based routing number and account number. If you don’t have this, you can set up a Wise for Business account and link to your international account in 2-3 days. If Wise is not available in your country, we can still make payments via our other banking partners( Borderless) , who will deposit directly into your account, but it may take longer to appear in your account and may incur international transfer fees. How the numbers come together is influenced by many things:

  • Successfully charged payments

  • Along the way, the credit card processor takes a fee (2-3% of the payment)

  • Currency conversions can influence payments to some degree

  • The platform fee we take (is applied on top of the price you set)


My banking details have changed and I want to receive payouts into a different account, how do I update them?

To update your account details, you can send an email to to update the account for which you will receive payouts.

How is my total payout calculated?

Each order invoice includes 4 key elements that determine the amount you will be paid out:

  • Total Value of Goods
  • Commission (0 - 15% added to  the Total Value of Goods)
  • Shipping Costs

Your payout will be calculated using the following formula:

Total Value of Goods + Shipping Costs + Commission - Cash Advance Fee = Total Payout

Craftmerce standard commission rate is 15% but this fee is waived in cases where you bring the buyer to the Craftmerce marketplace and indicate this by adding them to your Buyer List in Portal. 

How will Craftmerce payouts appear in my bank account?

Payments made by Craftmerce will show up as "CRAFTMERCE INC" on your account statement.

The amount deposited into my account was less than expected, what can I do?

There are a number of reasons why the amount deposited into your account for an order may be less than what you expect:

  • Currency Exchange Fees
    • All payouts are made in USD & EUR , given that all orders placed on the Craftmerce marketplace are charged in USD & EUR. If the account that you are receiving funds into is not a USD-denominated account, then your bank will convert the deposit to your local currency at their own daily rate. This may result in a lower amount than expected being deposited.
  • Bank Fees
    • Depending on the type of account that your funds are being deposited into, your bank may charge fees to receive the funds. The exact fee amount charged is determined by your bank and varies from bank to bank but we have seen these fees range from 0 USD to 50 USD per transfer. If you are unsure of the fees charged by your bank you can reach out directly to them for clarification.
    • To minimize Foreign Exchange fees and additional bank charges we recommend makers receive funds into accounts with a US-based routing number and account number. If you don’t have this, you can set up a Wise for Business account and link to your international account in 2-3 days.
  • Commission Fees
    • Craftmerce charges a 15% commission on all orders unless the buyer was referred by your business in which case we waive our commission rate. 
  • Order Adjustments
    • If there were quality issues with your order or items were damaged during shipping and we determine that the damages were due to poor packaging, Craftmerce may choose to withhold payment for those damaged or poor-quality goods. If adjustments are made to your order due to any of these reasons, our Sales Support team will reach out to you in advance to work on resolving the situation.

I have an order that I have not received payment for, what can I do?

You should receive an email notification from us once your payment has been processed. Depending on the type of account that your funds are being received into, it may take 5-7 business days for the funds to show up in your account following this notification.

If you do not receive an email notification within 2 business days of your payment due date, there are multiple reasons why your payment may be delayed:

  • You have not input your payment details
    • If you have not input your payment details ahead of your payment due date this may cause delays in receiving payment for your order.
  • You have not input shipping costs or uploaded a shipping invoice
    • Final payment on orders will only be paid once you have uploaded all shipping costs and a shipping invoice. Uploading this information lets us know how much we need to reimburse you for shipping.

If you did receive a payment notification email but more than 7 business days have passed and the funds are not visible in your account, contact your bank directly to investigate the issue. There may be an issue with your bank’s ability to receive the funds.

Does Craftmerce file VAT/HST/Sales Tax on behalf of the buyer or am I responsible for that?

Craftmerce takes responsibility for collecting and remitting any applicable taxes for orders on behalf of our makers.

Does Craftmerce require makers to work with specific shipping companies in order to fulfil orders?

No, Makers are not required to work with a specific shipping company when fulfilling orders. We understand that many of our makers are located in regions where certain major carriers may not be accessible and that using local carriers could be more convenient or cost effective. Makers are expected to select shipping options that are the most reasonably priced compared to similar alternatives.

Am I responsible for paying any shipping or order fulfilment fees?

Craftmerce standard international trade terms are Free on Board meaning you as a maker are responsible for all costs associated with the shipment prior to it being loaded onto the shipping vessel. We expect that when setting your product pricing you are taking these costs into account. As a maker you are responsible for getting the goods to the drop-off point specified by your shipping provider and any relevant documentation such as:

  • Packing Slip
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Proof of Origin Documentation
  • Product Specific Documentation

Makers are responsible for any fees incurred due to delays during the shipping process as a result of missing documentation. Buyers are responsible for paying shipping fees and any import duties charged by their receiving country. Refer to our for a detailed overview of the documentation that you may be required to provide.

Am I responsible for paying for shipment insurance?

We strongly advise that you add on shipment insurance for the full value of goods in each order. These costs can be included in the shipping invoice you submit at the time of order shipment and will be reimbursed. Craftmerce does not reimburse for losses due to mishandled, lost, or stolen packages and expects makers to file claims with their chosen shipper.

Am I responsible if an order gets damaged in transit?

If an order is damaged in transit you may be responsible for any costs associated with replacing, refunding, or returning the order. If you believe your order was damaged due to negligence by the shipper you can open a dispute directly with the shipping company to resolve the issue.

Craftmerce allows makers to select their shipping company of choice and strongly suggests that they include shipment insurance in order to cover against losses due to mishandled, lost, or stolen packages.

Craftmerce will support in settling issues with damaged orders between buyers and makers but ultimately if goods are damaged due to poor packaging, the buyer is entitled to a refund for which the cost may be passed on to the maker.

Does Craftmerce accept returns or issue refunds to buyers? How does this affect me as a maker?

Under normal circumstances, Craftmerce does not accept returns from buyers due to the made-to-order nature of our products and the fact that many are produced in far away places. If a buyer changes their mind about the goods, they are not entitled to a refund or return.

However, Craftmerce may extend refunds or accept returned goods in the following cases:

  • Items are damaged during shipment
  • Items are severely delayed beyond the expected shipping date
  • Items are missing from an order
  • The incorrect items are shipped within an order
  • Products are highly varied in color, dimension, or appearance
  • Products do not serve the function that they are intended to serve as advertised on the platform

In the event that an order is damaged during shipment, makers are responsible for filing claims directly with the shipping company to receive reimbursement.

An order I received is displaying the incorrect status in the maker portal, what should I do?

Orders on the Craftmerce maker portal will show one of the following statuses based on where the order is at within the fulfilment process:

  • Awaiting Maker Confirmation - this means that a buyer has placed an order with your business on the Craftmerce Marketplace and we are awaiting confirmation that you can fulfil the order. You should have received an email notifying you that an order is awaiting your confirmation.
  • In Progress - this means that you have confirmed that you can fulfil the order and are busy producing it. Orders will remain in the In Progress status until 7 days before the provided Expected Shipping Date, at which point the status will change to "Awaiting Shipment".
  • Awaiting Shipment - this means that your order is set to ship within 7 days based on the provided Expected Shipping Date. If at any point during the production process, you experience delays and want to adjust this date, you can make that adjustment directly in the portal by clicking on Adjust Expected Ship Date.
  • Shipped - orders will change to a shipped status after you have provided fulfilment details for the order within the portal.

If you feel that the status of your order in the portal does not reflect the true status of your order please reach out to us at and we will resolve the issue for you.

I cannot see my order in my Craftmerce portal account, what do I do?

Please reach out to us at and we will resolve the issue for you.

How do I start buying on Craftmerce?

To start buying on Craftmerce,  to create an account. We’ll ask you a few questions about your business and the type of products you are looking to source. You will also be required to provide your Reseller ID, Tax ID, or an equivalent business verification number. Craftmerce is a wholesale marketplace, and we require all buyers to verify their wholesale credentials before placing an order.

How does Craftmerce help buyers?

Craftmerce Wholesale Marketplace

Craftmerce is a wholesale marketplace that makes buying products from small-batch manufacturers and handmade producers around the world easy and frictionless.

We provide the opportunity to source differently by offering:

  • Access to an ever-growing selection of handmade, authentic, and small-batch manufactured products;
  • Product Customization: We can work with you to produce exclusive products and collections for your brand;
  • Order Support: We will support with any issues that may arise during the process, such as delays or damages.
  • Frictionless Payments: There’s no need to worry about international payment coordination; simply pay for your order via bank or credit card, and we will take care of paying the maker on your behalf.

Who can shop on the Craftmerce Marketplace?

Eligibility Criteria for Buyers

We welcome buyers, designers, and trade representatives who:

  • Are based in the United States,Canada, Europe & Asia.
  • Have an established online or brick-and-mortar store open and ready for business; and
  • Hold a valid Reseller ID (also known as a sales tax identification, reseller permit, or resale certificate) or equivalent document (i.e., trade certificate) to prove their status as a reseller of goods

My business is just getting started so we don’t yet have a website or physical location. Can I still buy from Craftmerce?

Yes, you can shop products from us to set up your store. For more information, please reach out to us

Can Craftmerce help me source products specific to my designs?

Absolutely! With the Craftmerce curator buying service, you can share your designs, mood boards, budgets, and specifications with us. We will in turn share these with respective makers to develop and design products according to your vision. Please note that sampling and shipping fees will be applied and that these orders are subject to higher minimum order quantities (MOQs) and sampling fees with no returns. If you are a retailer interested in learning more about our concierge buying services, please contact us at

Are the prices on the Craftmerce website retail or wholesale?

All prices listed on the Craftmerce marketplace are wholesale prices. These prices do not include the cost of shipping or duties.

What currency are your prices listed in?

All prices listed on the Craftmerce marketplace are in USD and EUR.

How can I see if the products I want are in stock/available for shipment?

Some  products on the Craftmerce marketplace are made-to-order, and as a result, we don’t display their stock-level status directly on our website. Our makers keep us updated on production delays or shutdowns, so in most cases, you can expect your order to be accepted and produced by makers when placed.

Are there minimums for custom product orders?

Yes, custom product orders often require higher minimum order quantities. This is because our makers may have to purchase special production equipment or materials to produce the order. By increasing the minimum order quantity, makers can cover the cost of production.

How does Craftmerce identify and select its makers?

Maker Selection Process at Craftmerce

Our selection process is based on our first-hand experience with makers as well as credible referrals from our strong global network of organizations (including crafts councils, export promotion agencies, handmade sector associations, NGOs, and development agencies). Craftmerce also has an in-house team of regional experts on the ground that support our makers.

When we meet a new maker, they undergo a due diligence process. During the due diligence process we learn about the history of their business, their social and sustainability standards, their production practices, and their export readiness. All Craftmerce maker partners self-report that they are compliant with the following three policies:

  • no children under the age of 16 are involved in the production process;
  • appropriate standards are put in place to ensure artisan safety;
  • Artisans are paid a fair living wage.

As part of our due diligence, makers confirm their commitment to one or more of our six core values:

  • woman-led;
  • heritage craft preservation;
  • eco-friendly materials;
  • handmade;
  • product innovation; and
  • sustainable processes

What can I expect when ordering from small batch makers from Africa?

Impact on Order Experience for Africa Small Batch Makers

Global small batch makers are often using production practices that rely on certain weather conditions, rely on small teams of highly skilled artisans, or they may be working in remote locations with limited access to power and internet. Here’s how this may impact your order experience:

  • There may be unexpected delays in production or reduced production capacity due to weather conditions or reduced artisan capacity. This is particularly common during the rainy season and religious holidays, when some makers will completely stop production.
  • There may be minor variations in color, size, and general appearance of the goods given many are made by hand.

How do I place an order on the Craftmerce marketplace?

How to Order on Craftmerce Marketplace

  1. Browse our network of makers on the Craftmerce marketplace and add items to your cart. Our system will ensure that you have met the maker's minimum order value (MOV) and minimum order quantity (MOQ) prior to checking out.
  2. Once the MOQ and MOV for a particular maker have been reached, you can checkout. Our system requires an individual checkout for each maker so you may be required to checkout more than once.
  3. Once we have received your order and confirmed your payment details, your order will be sent to the maker.
  4. We will confirm your order with the maker and share an expected shipping date within 3 business days. If there are any unforeseen delays during production, we will keep you updated on any changes to the expected shipping date throughout the process.
  5. We will notify you once your order ships and share tracking details so that you can follow the journey.
  6. Once you receive your order you can always contact our team at to answer any questions or resolve issues.

What is Craftmerce Swiftship?

Craftmerce Swiftship is a curated catalog of products that we keep stocked at our warehouse in the United States. Swiftship products have low minimum order quantities, ship within 5-7days business days, and can be delivered to your storefront within a week. We designed our Swiftship program to allow buyers to stock products quickly and test how certain styles will sell before committing to larger orders.

Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?

Unfortunately, once your order has been placed, it cannot be canceled. This is because many of our makers produce goods on an order-by-order basis. Once production has started, we are unable to cancel the order as it may result in lost resources for the maker.

If you have not yet received a confirmation email and would like to cancel your order, you can reach out to us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, we do not guarantee the ability to cancel any order after it has been placed.

Can you accommodate custom labeling/packaging on products ordered through Craftmerce?

Yes, many of our makers can accommodate custom labeling and packaging. Please note that there are additional costs for this service and it is subject to availability by the maker. Please reach out to to enquire about this service.

The shipping cost on my order seems high; what can be done?

Managing Shipping Costs on Craftmerce Marketplace

The cost of shipping services has been rising globally over the last few years. We are working hard to build solutions to make sourcing globally economically viable for our buyers. If you are concerned about the cost of shipping, here are a few things you can do to minimize the markup on shipping for your order on PBP:

  • Look for makers that ship from the USA: When browsing through makers on Craftmerce you will see that some of them ship directly from the USA. Shopping products from these makers will ensure you get the lowest possible shipping cost compared to goods being shipped from overseas.
  • Shop our Swiftship selection: All of our Swiftship goods have been landed in the US and are much less expensive to ship compared to shipping direct from overseas makers.
  • Choose lightweight and low volume items when browsing overseas makers: Weight and volume of products determine the shipping costs incurred on orders. If you would like to save on shipping costs, we suggest shopping for lightweight and compact products from overseas makers, such as jewelry and textiles. Products which are large in volume, such as baskets, or breakable items, like ceramics, which require lots of packaging, will tend to have higher shipping costs.
  • Order higher volumes from a specific maker to offset shipping costs: Better shipping rates are available for larger orders. By ordering deeper from a specific maker, the shipping costs are spread across more items and will have a lesser impact on margins.

When will I receive my order?

Understanding Order Lead Time and Shipping Time on Craftmerce Marketplace

The time it takes to receive your order will depend on the Maker’s Lead Time and the Shipping Time. The average lead time is displayed on every product page and estimates how long it will take for the maker to produce your goods.

The lead time is expressed as a range because it is dependent on the size of the order and the overall production demand for the maker at the time your order is placed. Remember that the lead time is expressed from the time of order confirmation. Please allow 3 business days for your order to be confirmed with the maker. The maker will share an expected shipping date with you upon order confirmation.

Once produced, orders that ship from the USA can be expected to be delivered within 5-7 business days. Orders shipping internationally may take up to 4 weeks to be delivered, depending on the method of shipment chosen by your maker. Delays with customs may extend delivery timelines for international orders. In our experience, you can expect your international order to be delivered within 10 business days of being shipped if there are no unexpected delays.

My order was supposed to have been shipped by now, but I have not received tracking details; what can be done?

Our makers do their best to meet the expected shipping date provided at confirmation but sometimes there are unexpected delays. Our team will contact you within 3 business days to provide an update on the status of your order. If you do not hear from us within that time frame, reach out to us at

I need my products delivered by a specific date. Does Craftmerce guarantee delivery dates?

Unfortunately, Craftmerce cannot guarantee delivery dates for any products on our marketplace. This is due to the handmade nature of many of our products and potential delays with international shipping. Delays in producing small-batch handmade products could arise due to weather conditions, artisan capacity, equipment issues, or delays in receiving the raw materials used to produce the product. We recognize that these types of delays can be challenging and surprising for buyers who are new to sourcing goods with small-batch international makers, but we can assure you that the wait is worth it.

Am I responsible for customs and import duties?

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import duties incurred when shopping on the Craftmerce marketplace. Craftmerce standard international trade terms are Free on Board meaning that the maker is responsible for all costs associated with the shipment prior to it being loaded onto the shipping vessel. You, as the buyer, are responsible for all costs associated with the shipment after it is loaded onto the vessel.

Be sure to monitor your inbox once orders have been shipped as you may receive an email from the shipper requesting that these fees be paid. If the fees are not paid on time, your order may be returned or destroyed by customs officials, and we will not be able to refund you for the value of the order.

Is it possible to have my order split into multiple shipments?

Our standard order process does not allow orders to be split into multiple shipments. If you would like to have the order split for any reason, we suggest you place separate orders. If you require multiple shipments for an order you have already placed, please contact us at, and we will do our best to support you. Note that you will be responsible for any additional shipping and fulfillment costs associated with splitting the order.

My order has not yet shipped and is severely delayed; what can be done?

We apologize for the inconvenience. If your order is delayed beyond the expected shipping date, please reach out to us at so we can work to resolve the issue. Many of our makers can be greatly impacted by natural occurrences like the rainy season, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. and at times the shipping dates are completely out of their control. We encourage our Craftmerce  buyer community to consider this unique nature of the handmade sector while waiting for their orders to be produced.

My order says it's been delivered, but I have not received it; what should I do?

Please contact us at, and we would be happy to resolve the issue for you.

I work with a warehousing partner to fulfil my orders, are you able to ship to my warehousing partner's address?

Yes, your order can be shipped to your warehousing partner's address. If you choose to ship to a warehouse, ensure that you have the proper processes set up to receive goods under your business’s name. We are not responsible for any orders returned due to incorrect receiving details on a package.

I did not receive my order in full; what should I do?

Contact Information for Order Queries

Please reach out to us at with the following details:

  • Your order number
  • The number of boxes you’ve received to date—many orders can be shipped in multiple boxes, and there’s a chance you may still receive the remaining shipment.

The product I received doesn’t look like the photos; what can be done?

We’re sorry you’re not happy with the product you received. Handmade products are expected to have some level of variation in color, dimension, and general appearance. If you feel that the product is highly varied from the pictures, please reach out to us at

The product I received isn’t functional or has broken after use; what can be done?

We’re sorry to hear that your goods are not functioning as expected! Please reach out to us at within 10 days of receiving your order and attach photos that show the issues. We will work with the maker to rectify the issue and have the items replaced.

My order arrived damaged; what should I do?

We’re sorry to hear that your goods arrived damaged. Please reach out to us at  within 10 days of receiving your order and attach photos that show the issues. We will work with the maker to rectify the issue.

Does Craftmerce accept returns?

No, Craftmerce cannot accept returns due to the high cost of shipping items back to the country they were produced in. Handcrafted items will always have a degree of variance compared to factory-made products, so please make sure to read the product descriptions carefully before ordering to avoid issues once products are received.

Under some circumstances, our team may decide to restock the product at our warehouse, in which case you would be responsible for shipping and restocking fees. If you do have concerns about the quality of the goods you received please reach out to us at within 10 days of receiving your order, and we will work to resolve the issues.

Does Craftmerce issue refunds?

Refund Policy at Craftmerce Marketplace

Craftmerce does not issue refunds under normal circumstances due to the made-to-order nature of many products sold on our platform.

Exceptions for Refunds

However, Craftmerce may extend refunds in the following cases:

  • Items are damaged during shipment
  • Items are severely delayed beyond the expected shipping date
  • Items are missing from an order
  • The incorrect items are shipped within an order
  • Products are highly varied in color, dimension, or appearance
  • Products do not serve the function that they are intended to serve as described on the platform

We always remind our buyers that handcrafted items may have a degree of variance in color, size, and general appearance compared to factory-made products. If you do have concerns about the quality of the goods you received, please reach out to us at within 10 days of receiving your order and attach photos that show the issues.